Zoomed Images in Slider

I’ve used the correct sizes for the slider- the exact sizes that were in the template. However when i substituted them with my own imaages they come out kid of “zoomed in”, cutting off the rest of the picture.
How do i make the slider show the entire picture?
The site reference is " www.559lawyers.com

Hello @yan,

Please check this topic:

I hope that it will clarify your issue.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you for the reply, Roman.

I checked the links you sent and i am still having the same problem- the images are just too big.

(1) i’ve tried different screens- the problem is the same and
(2) on mobile, the images dont because they do not re-scale to the mobile screen.

Is there a way to have the slider adjusts to the screen screen, not the largest picture, by default?

Thank you, Roman

Hello @yan,

You can try Sydney Pro that supports Crelly Slider.

Also you can try to integrate Meta Slider, here is how.

Kind Regards, Roman.