Youtube Videos not playing on IOS

I am having a problem with YouTube Videos not playing on iOS devices. It looks fine on the laptop but on my iPad and iPhone the video will not play. The poster from appears but the play button is not tap-able.

Now even the preview has disappeared from my home page of the video in our first post

It seems that the play button will not function on an iOS device.

I am also having the same trouble with the google ads!! They are not clickable via an iOS device! Can you please help me!!!


Hi, I am not using iP devices :slight_smile: but I tried with various emulators and everything is working. I’ll ask a friend to check it over iPhone and let you know. Regarding google ads, you must search that by yourself. I believe there is Select synchronous option (or something like that) when creating ad unit and also there are responsive ad units.

Hi dimikjones,

Thank you very much for your help and assistance with this, it means a lot to me! I have done a lot of testing on numerous devices and locations on Wifi and 3G etc, but I am still not getting the video playing on iOS - or the Google ads being clickable. I can confirm that these are Response Ad units from Google Adsense and they display correctly, they are just not ‘clickable’ or ‘tapable’ on a mobile device.The youtube play button remains static and won’t play.

I think it must be something to do with the Fashionista theme somewhere. I have tried using the Wordpress TwentyFifteen theme and it works beautifully on iOS.

Please check it out on my test site:

Any ideas on what could be making these items on the website un-tapable??

Thank you once again for your patience Dom.