YouTube videos no longer working after upgrade to 1.40

Embedding videos no longer works after upgrading Moesia theme version to 1.40. I know it’s the theme causing the problem as I have 2 other websites with the last version of Moesia (1.39) and they’re still working fine.

There’s no sense in providing a link as I’ve temporarily changed themes for the broken site. All other themes I’ve tried on the site handle YouTube embedding just fine, so I know the problem is the Moesia theme.

Already tried disabling all plugins. WordPress is up to date.

Any suggestions?

Hello there,

I tried to embed a YouTube video using the “Moesia: Video” widget on my test site. It is working fine for me.

Please try temporarily disable the all non-required plugins and try again.


Thank you. Will try the widget. I never had to use a widget before. You should be able to simple post an iframe in your post or page and it should work. Worked up until now on Moesia. Works on all the other WordPress themes I’ve tried.


Okay the widget works for Youtube videos. But this means that if I keep my Moesia theme I’ll have to redo the layout on every single page and post where I have a video currently embedded. So probably still not a good solution for me.

Resolved. I had switched themes. When I switched back to Moesia, the problem had solved itself. I had to redo my custom CSS a bit, but it’s working fine now.