YouTube Gallery

Hmm… I added 2 videos from one of my YouTube channels and then 2 more from another channel I created, yet still my videos do not populate on my site - I linked a video from a channel I do not own and that video populates. I cannot determine why my videos are not visible!?

Can’t really say, maybe you’re videos are private or something?

My videos are showing as text in a list and not with thumbnails, like on your demo site for the theme. Do you have a guide on how to set up the videos right? The only thing I’ve done is putting in a title and the URL to the video. Do I need to do more than that?

And here’s the link to the video page

Nope, that’s all you need to do. Can you disable your minification plugin a bit? It seems it’s causing an error which might be the cause of this.

The videos are now shown as expected, but disabling the minification is not satisfying because it’s causing a mess of style sheets and a very long load time. But I will investigate that some more.

My problem now is that the videos can’t show in fullscreen mode. How can I enable that?


Sorry for the delay.
Just updated West Pro now and, among other things, I’ve enabled the fullscreen mode for the videos in the gallery.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use a minifying plugin, what you should do is regenerate its output. It has to have an option.