"You do not have any projects at the moment"

Hello West team,

I have been using West theme on one Wordpress website for quite a long time. Earlier, the project section in the website is ok with two rows of 8 project images were displayed.

But recently, after several updates (sorry I didn’t notice when it started to disappear).

When I open the Live Composer and add the Projects section, it appears the two rows with 8 images as it should be (screenshot 1). But once I saved the content and publish edit, it does not appear. Then I went to the Live Composer again, and it shows error “You do not have any projects at the moment” (screenshot 2).

I untick and tick the project category and the two rows with 8 images appear again, then disappear when saved and published. I include here 2 screenshot images:

Screenshot 1: projects when editing in Live Composer

Screenshot 2: projects when opening the Live Composer again

Please can you show me how to fix this? I have no idea where this comes from. Thanks a lot.

Hello there,

From your site admin area (/wp-admin), go to Projects menu and double-check if you have publicly published project items. Ensure they’re neither password protected nor private. Also check if featured images have been set.


Hello Kharis,

Thank you very much for your reply. Finally I found out that it didn’t appear because I applied two languages in the site with Polylang. And all the projects were stated to be in English so it does not show up in the Vietnamese site version.

Earlier it did not matter so I haven’t thought about that for awhile but now everything works fine.

Best regards,

Hello there,

Great job Anh! Glad to hear that you could figure it out yourself. Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.