Yet another request for formatting widget


Sorry to open another topic regarding this, but I have read others’ solutions to similar issues and nothing appears to give me what I need and some seems a little old so may not be appropriate.

I am using some of the widgets which come with the theme (Bsitro) specifically employees, project and clients. True I can (after a long time experimenting) get them to display, but (again specifically) the projects widget (which I have hijacked to be served industries rather than projects per se) displays the featured image of each project but without spacing, always aligned left etc yet the title is aligned centre and the section looks daft tbh.The employees worked a treat because it created a page and allow me to space and align each image but not so (seemingly) with projects.

So the question is: how to align the images with the over lay in the centre with (say) 20px spacing between images for the projects widget.

Also (using the services widget) there is plethora of icons that can be used yet it is very difficult to find icons which are appropriate for the services I am offering. Are there other lists of icons which can be used or is the fa- icons the only list?

Any help would be appreciated


Hello Nick,

  1. Portfolio widget is using isotope script, and projects are positioned absolutely, so there is no way to add margin to them afterwards. On the other hand, you can add padding, but images will be scaled which will create space below each image. So, such an option does not exist, and achieving this will require some custom coding. Unfortunately we are unable to provide modifications of this kind, so please find 3rd party

  2. Only font awesome is included and list of available icons icons can be found here

Best Regards!

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