Wrong Tags on Header Slider (Bad for SEO)

Hi Athemes,

As allways… thanks for your themes! You are the best!
Id would be even better if you could PLEASE revolve this problem:

Wrong Tags on the HEADER Slider:
The Text-Lines on the Header are now H2-Tags. This is a problem for SEO because in this lines (the first Titles that Google read) are normally advertising / cool phrases and NOT THE REAL TITLE of the page. Furthermore this are H2 Title-Tags should not appear before the H1-Tag. (see Screenshot)

It would be really great if you could please please repair this little issue.

Thanks and Greetings from Germany




Thank you for letting us know your heading tags review in Sydney Pro theme. Sure, I will pass thi to our development team to check further and find the possibility in the future to implement it when they can see its fit.

aThemes Support