Wrong Month shows in Page Title


When I use the calendar in the widget to go back to another month, say, to March 2017,
the page header still shows Month: April 2017

shows wrong month


Thanks for letting us know about this, we’ll be handling it in the next version.

Hi Vlad

I have been a Windows programmer for 20+ years and would like to have a go at fixing it myself (as some self training).
I know little about WP themes and how they work but I understand PHP.

If you could point me to which .php file(s) where I might start looking to see if I can fix it, that would be great.




  • You’ll need to go with a FTP client to /inc/functions/functions-header.php.
  • Find this function near the bottom: greatmag_latest_news()
  • Find <?php endwhile; ?> in that function. Add <?php wp_reset_postdata(); ?> right under it.

Hi Vlad

Perfect. Many thanks. Problem solved.