Wrong menu style using child theme


I downloaded the official airi child theme and uploaded the content via ftp into my wp-themes directory.
As soon as I activate the cild theme in Wordpress, my main menu has a buggy behaviour.

I’m using the menuStyle1 (Basic 1 - Inside header) and if I don’t scroll down it shows the menu correctly - inside the picture element just as expected.
But as soon as I scroll down, the menu has the white styling of the menuStyle2 (Basic 2 - outside header), instead of the dark blue one.

I tried to fix it by assigning the dark blue color scheme to the html site-header-class, but I could not manage to create the “inside header” menu style that way. It was basically an outside header style that way.

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Edit: I was able to change the color of the header in the customizing colors -> header section.

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Do you still need an assistance with your issue? If so, please provide us a link to your website, so I can take a look.

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