Wrong font on iphone and tablet

I’m using a Google font called “Architects Daughter” on my site www.houserocket.co.uk, and it displays correctly on my PCs but not on my iphone nor on my Samsung Android tablet. It displays a very ornate handwriting script instead.

It does not display correctly on the tablet even when I ask for “desktop version”

Any ideas why this is happening?

Hello there,

Are you referring to this font?

I didn’t see any font on your website’s copy matches with it. Have you changed it to other font?


Yes that is the font wanted to use.

In light of what you said I looked at it again and I think you’re correct. It all looks like “comic sans” rather than “Architects Daughter” when I view on a PC.

However, it still displays differently on a tablet or phone. It is a very elablorate copperplate type handwritten script. Why the difference?

I think I’ve fixed it by going through the “Easy Google Fonts” plugin installation and setup again. I had apparently missed something out the first time. Thanks for your helpful pointers.