Wrapping text around image

Hi, great theme. Thank you.

I’m having an issue on the home page with the text not wrapping around the featured image of each post. This issue only appears on tablets. Desktop and mobile version are fine. The text begins on the right of the image, as it should, but below the image the text stays aligned only on the right, which creates an awkward text column and a lot of empty space. Is there any way to fix this?

I’ve looked at some other websites using this theme, and have seen they have the same issue when viewing with a tablet (iPad).


Hi Christoper,

Can you please send the link of your site, so that we can have a look?


The website is orlandosoccerdaily.com. We’re still under construction. Thanks a lot.

Hi Christoper,

Thank you for the link.

You can fix the text wrap by adding the below code in your theme’s style.css file.

I would advice you to do the changes using a Child Theme or by using a My custom css plugin to keep the changes preserved even after the update

.entry-summary {
    margin: 0 0 20px 0px;


That worked great. Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: