Wp_construct error when upgraiding to WP 4.3

Hello good people,

I upgraded to WP 4.3 and got an error message on www.thinkingoftravel.com as described in this thread: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-after-downloading-v430

My site is restored from backup to previous version, so the problem is solved temporarily.

The thread on wordpress.org suggests it is a theme issue. If so, will you provide a fix?

Many thanks in advance!

Hmm, seems like I still have the error and really would appreciate to know if the error originates from the theme or not.



Sorry about the delay, I was on holiday and it seems like this topic was missed.
It’s just a notice caused by a bit of code in the theme that needs to be changed to comply with WP 4.3. It doesn’t actually do anything bad as the old code is still supported in WP 4.3. You should follow the advice in that thread and disable WP_DEBUG if you can.
Anyway, updating the themes to make this notice go away is on my to-do list for today.

Hope you had a nice vacation! :slight_smile: Thanks for updating the code.