WP blog and widget plugin not compatible with Sydney theme

Hi there,

I am trying to create two separate blog categories: News and Events, on one page News&Events.
By means of the WP blog and widget plugin I added to this page:

<h3 id=“news”>NEWS</h3>

[recent_blog_post limit=“6” category=“12” grid=“1” show_date=“true” show_category_name=“false” show_author=“false” content_words_limit=“30” ]

in a visual editor; one for News and one for Events.

However, in CUSTOMIZE I had to assign the blog page, which creates its own layout.
> When I set the blog page to the News&Events, it changes the layout and overrules the WPplugin
> When I set the blog page to another page (for example blog), the posts I creates do not appear on the News&Events site, like now:

News&Events page

Can anyone help me this and is it maybe a certain theme php-file I need to edit?

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If you want to use separate categories on a single page, then don’t use a Blog Page Layout / don’t set that page to be your Posts Page in Settings / Reading. You can use the Page Builder to add the 2 separate blog categories in 2 separate Rows, by creating those 2 Rows and the Blog Widget to both of them and on one select News Category and on the other one select Events as category to show.

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