Working with links on Clients and Employees


I’m working with Sydney Pro and have three questions.

1.Sydney FP: Clients – If I add a link for the client’s website it should open in an new browser window or tab. Is it possible to change the target to _blank?
2.Sydney FP: Employees – I would like to add the link of the employees name to the picture, too. How can this be done?
3.Sydney FP: Employees – How can I add other social networks to the employee info? Eg. Linkedin or Xing.
Thank you for your help.


  1. We can add this for the next update.
  2. Nope, sorry, that would mess things up.
  3. Are you using all the social links at the moment? You could replace one (all of them) with different links using a bit of custom CSS. We’re probably not going to add more than three total social icons. Let me know.

Hi Vlad,

thank you for the answers.

Three social links are enough. How can I change e.g. from Google Plus to Xing?


Add this to any custom CSS plugin and then just add you Xing link in the Google Plus field:

.team-item .fa-google-plus::before {
	content: '\f168';

To change it to Linkedin change f168 to f0e1.
Similar if you want to change the other ones, copy the code and replace google-plus with facebook or twitter.