Wordpress updates and changes doesn't work against live site?

Hi i am having a problem with the the ‘The Shop’ version 1.02 provided by wordpress.

All changes ive made to my website via the optimized wordpress set up, doesn’t seem to show on live site ???

I can see all the changes ive made within wordpress however live view doesnt seem to show all the updated changes.

This is with regards to ‘The Shop’ theme provided by wordpress.

Site – crepzstation.com

Can any admins or developers of the theme help ?


If you use The Shop Theme, please make sure to only post in The Shop Theme’s Support Forums, this in Support Forum for an Alizee Theme.

PS. Please try to clear your cache after the modifications or for live view updates, please try to delete the cache plugin if you have any ( also try to deactivate / delete all of your third-party plugins, keep only theme recommended plugins active ).

Best Regards,