Wordpress 4.4


I’ve updated my site to Wordpress 4.4, but now the Custom CSS does not work.
I’ve asked the Wordpress forum, they say it something related to the theme.
It’s like it does not read it anymore.

I have this in my custom CSS:

.single-projects .entry-thumb {
display: none;
.widget_categories .cat-item-26,
.widget_categories .cat-item-25,
.widget_categories .cat-item-1 {
display: none;

But It does not work:

Hope you can help! Best regards, Maria


Really sorry about the delay.
If you have that code in your custom CSS, then I assume you have it in a plugin. So not in the theme.
And indeed it looks like the code isn’t outputted and your plugin isn’t generating any CSS files or output. Can you check that it’s still active and working?


Yes, it’s still active and working. It must be a Wordpress issue, so I’ll ask them. Thanks for your help.

Happy Christmas!