Word and line breaks on mobile

Thank you for the beautiful theme! I just upgraded to Astrid Pro yesterday.
I’m having an issue with odd line/word breaks on Project pages when viewing on MOBILE (iPhone 6) (using Single Project template). See example here:

Seems to be fine on desktop.

I’ve checked code and there’s nothing odd present. I’ve tried changing the paragraph style to H1, H2, H3, plain paragraph and still see problems. Seems to only be in the first paragraph of copy.

I’ve used the custom CSS you provided to turn off the “featured image” showing up on the page. Could this be causing something strange to happen? Thanks for your help!


Could you share your link please? You haven’t added it to your post.

So sorry, I thought I pasted the link: http://times2studio.com/wp/project-3
Looks fine on desktop but mobile is an issue. Thank you!

I’ve had a look on an Iphone 5 and it appears to look fine. Can you maybe take a screenshot of what your seeing? There is no code for word breaking in the theme.

I’ve checked on an iphone 6 plus too and it the first paragraph also looks fine.

iphone6 screenshot

I assume by first paragraph you mean the title and that space after the word adventure?

Sorry, it’s not the title.
Write it manually, you probably copied it from somewhere and you copied it with some HTML.

Yes,big space after adventure and then “photography” is breaking but it’s not putting in a hyphen. I tried completely retyping it and it didn’t fix it. Any other ideas I should try?

Here’s how it looks on my iphone:
Expedition Overland
joins an intense love for
with breathtaking photogra
phy, cinematography and

The code still looks the same. You have non-breaking spaces in your title, that’s why it shows like this. See those nbsp`s: http://snag.gy/kThqR.jpg

Copy this and put it there: Expedition Overland joins an intense love for adventure with breathtaking photography, cinematography and storytelling.

Thanks Vlad - I pasted it in from your comment but it’s still showing an odd space after adventure and breaking “photography” – I’m looking at the code but not seeing any non-breaking spaces. Do you see anything odd now?

Wait, I just refreshed for the 4th time and now it’s looking better!! Not sure why though…:slight_smile:

It was your cache :slight_smile: Glad it’s sorted out.

Awesome - thanks for your help!!