Wooshy thing when screen refreshes ... what is that called?

I’m in maintenance mode, and not sure if this is only active while in maintenance.

Anyway, when I refresh the screen there is this oval whooshy thing. I’ll need to deactivate that before taking the theme live as it’s not really what we want.

I’m not a developer (obviously) but if I know what something is called I can usually work out where it is in the css and get rid of it. I did inspect element and thought it was the “preloader” but then when I removed that in css it didn’t remove the whooshy thing. So not that.

Help please!

It’s okay, it was the preloader and I found it in the header and removed it.

If you’re not using a child theme to override header.php, you shouldn’t remove it from there. It will just come back on the next update.
Instead, you can just add this in a custom CSS plugin:

.preloader { display: none !important; }