Woocommerce Tabs / Upsell products Layout broken

I upgraded from an older version of sydney pro to the current version.
Now the product tabs and Upsell prodcuts (I have the plugin Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce installed, to have more tabs, but now disabled and layout error is still the same) layout is broken.

Old sydney pro version:

On the current version of sydney pro somehow the product tabs and upsell products are moved to the right:

I inspected the html code.
On the old sydney pro version the div classes “entry-summary” (Description and so on), “woocommerce-product-gallery” (pictures), “woocommerce-tabs” (the tabs) and the “upsell products” are on the same level all below another class starting with “product-type-product…”.

In the new sydney version the tabs and upsell are together with all other info (price, description, woocommerce-product-details etc) all below the div “summary entry-summary”.

Notice: This is just on some single product pages - I believe for certain categories. I tried to change categories for some affected products, but nothing changed.

How can this be fixed?


Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you have run into issues. I am happy to help out.

I need direct checking to find the problem. Can you share a link to your product page, which the screenshots you took from, so I can take a closer look?

aThemes Support

Could I send you private message or so somewhere? Thanks

Private message sent to you. Thank you!

aThemes Support