Woocommerce Sidebar at Shop page

Hello guys,

I’m working on your theme and everything is looking good so far, but I’ve noticed a small problem at WC shop page. The sidebar that appears is the WP sidebar, not the WC sidebar as it appears on your demo website.

This is my shop page:

You can check it live here:


I did disable the plugins, reinstall the WP and the theme, and no WC sidebar. I’ve checked if there’s a button or functionality to activate, but I can’t find anything.

Do I missing something here? Please, would you help me with this?

Thanks in advance

Carlos A.

Hello there,

For shop sidebar, you should set it up separately using this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woosidebars/


Hello Kharis,

Thanks for your help. It worked very well.

Respectfully, I think you should include that suggestion (the woosidebars plugin) in the Leto theme Documentation. So you could save yourself some answers to the same question I did.

Thanks again. Keep the good work!

Carlos A.

Hello Carlos,

I’ve added to our list of tasks to do. Thanks for suggestion.