Woocommerce shipping methods layout error

Hi there, just looking on a little advice on how to resolve this little issue on the cart/checkout of my woocommerce shop:

Screen Grab

As you can see the radio button and the description text have gotten merged. The same happens on the cart page too.

Otherwise this is a great theme :slight_smile:


Sorry about the delay.

Can you share a link so I can see exactly please?

No rush, this is only a development copy of my website so I can sort things out whilst not affecting the real site.


I’m using Woocommerce Advanced Shipping Plugin to handle shipping rates which may have some bearing on the issue.

Have you disabled the plugin? I’m not able to find the shipping methods. Might be the late hour.

Nope haven’t changed anything, all still running. Have checked on mobile though just to see if it renders differently but it displays exactly the same.

EDIT: Link has nothing in cart, try


Yeah, I’ve added a product myself, problem was with the shipping info.
Add this please in a custom CSS plugin or child theme and it should be fixed:

.woocommerce ul#shipping_method label {
     width: 80%;

Fantastic that did the job, much appreciated!