Woocommerce queries

Hi. I am currently working with woocommerce, and have been stuck researching a few things for the past few hours. Would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

My website is:

issue 1:
4 columns on shop page (using full page width)

I’ve tried the below, but this doesn’t work for me.

Issue 2:
All products displayed on one page on shop page

Again, tried lots of things here but nothing seems to work for me.

Issue 3:
how to add an “empty cart” button to my shopping cart to allow customers to easily empty their cart?

Issue 4:
cart disappeared - I’m afraid that I have broken my shopping cart somehow in trying to do the above - do you know how i can get it back?

the woocommerce shortcode appears to be correct on the cart page itself.

many thanks in advance for any help!

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for the delay.

> Issue 1

Try to add the following function into the theme’s functions.php file.

add_filter('loop_shop_columns', 'loop_columns');
if (!function_exists('loop_columns')) {
	function loop_columns() {
	  return 4; 

Then apply the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin or child theme’s style.css.

@media only screen and (min-width: 769px){
  .woocommerce .content-area ul.products li.product, 
  .woocommerce-page .content-area ul.products li.product {
    width: 22.12% !important;

You would need to clear your browser’s cache before reloading your shop page.

> Issue 2

What is your objective here? Could you please be more specific?

> Issue 3

Try to use the the Woocommerce Empty Cart plugin

> Issue 4

There might be a plugin conflict. Try to deactivate other plugins.


Thanks for your reply - I’ve managed to fix all the above issues now.

Some final things that I am looking to change on woocommerce - would appreciate any further guidance?

1: Reduce product title on the shop page:

2: Change the button text from pink to white, so that it is visible. This issue occurs on the shop, product and cart pages, making the button text invisible.


3: Reduce product title on product page:


Hello there,

> 1

Try to apply the following CSS code:

.products li.product h3{
  font-size: 16px;

Adjust the value to meet your need.

> 2

Try to apply the following CSS code:

  color: #fff !important;

> 3

Try to apply the following:

  font-size: 24px;

Adjust the value to meet your own.


Thanks so much for your help so far.

Just a few final queries:

Shop page

1: how can I make the shop page full width?

I have tried editing the archive products directly (i.e deleting the part relating the sidebar), and also adding some css to specify 100% width, per instructions I’ve read online, but none of these approaches has worked.

2: Remove bullet points for each product on the shop page?

How could I do this?

Products page

1: Add shopping cart to (right) sidebar of products page (currently it is only viewable when the customer clicks “view cart”)

Critically, I’d like the basket on the side to show each individual item (and corresponding price) in the customer’s basket, but not the total (this should only be viewable to the customer later on in the process).

2: Centre everything currently on the product page:


3: Change “Home / …” breadcrumb on each product page with:

“Return to all services / …”, and the the link should be: http://www.letscando.com/shop/

Currently home links to:


1: is there a way to change the background colour of the top navigation menu (just for the homepage)

If you click my site, you can see that it is currently blue on the home page (i did this by changing the actual image, but it doesn’t work well on mobile etc like that) and on every other page it’s black.

Can i change it to be blue on every page?

Thanks again!