Woocommerce product widget

I only have 2 products to show in my shop at the moment.
I am using the WooCommerce Products widget to show them but I am having 2 problems.

When I use the ‘Front Page’ template the products don’t align, but when I change it to the ‘Full Width’ template they do align, I want to use the ‘Front Page’ template to match my other pages - see pictures.

The other thing i’d like to fix is to have the products centred in the page.

Is there a way of being able to edit these things?



Well, the full width is a bit narrower so that’s why they show up like that (if by aligned you mean the same height). Post a link please.

Hi Vlad,
Yes I mean same height, and centred. I have a coming soon page active so you will need access to the backend to see the page, can I email you the login?

Yeap, vlad[at]athemes.com

Just email you, thanks

Cheers Vlad you are a star!