WOOCOMMERCE PLUG-IN: no data displayed


I created a website on Wordpress using the Sidney Pro Theme, and added a WOOCOMMERCE plugin for online orders.

After creating a user ( login, password and complete shipping data), when I disconnect and try to connect again, using preloaded user, a message appears saying that I am connected as the user I created before, BUT all fields remain empty, and it is impossible to go through the purchase process.

It says I’m connected and, in the meantime, offres me to create an account( see link below). You can try to connect with the following test ID:


//deleted account

I would like to access the page where recent orders, shipping details, and other account infos can be updated.

Any idea about the cause of this? And the solution?

Thanks in advance,



Could be related to the fact that you’re using older shortcodes, [woocommerce_edit_account] for example. Anyway, we just handle the presentation part for Woocommerce in the theme so we can’t really help with plugin configuration issues. I suggest you take a look at the Account settings in Woocommerce and make sure everything looks right.


Effectively I used that kind of shortcode.

Where can I find the new ?

I post a print screen of my Woocommerce parameters.

Thanks !

This is the new account shortcode: [woocommerce_my_account]
Let me know if it fixes anything.

By the way, I mentioned the shortcode above in case you added the first one manually.


For information, it was a conflict with the plugin “WP Super Cache” :slight_smile:

I see. But it might not have been a conflict, have you tried clearing the cache from WP Super Cache?