Woocommerce plguin missing

My client’s woocommerce plugin is missing. I tried to install it and it says: “Installation failed: Destination folder already exists.” It was part of the theme initially, correct? I know it used to be on the site. We also had supporting plugins for woocommerce that are still existing but throwing errors since the main plugin is missing. Please advise.


I am sorry to hear that you’ve run into an issue. I am happy to help with it.

To find the exact problem, can you let me know the steps you did when installing the plugin?

Perhaps the WooCommerce plugin folder already exists, but your site can’t recognize it for some reasons. You can check it by access your website’s folder over FTP/SFTP program or you can also use cPanel’s folder explorer. Then locate to root directory > wp-content > plugins. Remove the woocommerce folder if it presents. Then attempt to install the plugin once again from your site’s dashboard (/wp-admin).

I’d request giving it a try and let me know your views.

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