WooCommerce - payment and shipment

Hello there!

I’m quite lost and I really need your help. I have three problems with WooCommerce:

  1. How can I hide a category and labels from the product page? I don’t want to have it here. http://www.martinrousek.com/produkt/kniha-dvoji-mysl/ (it’s right below first text and button “add to cart”)

  2. Same webpage. Sometimes when you open it, the first image isn’t larger as it should be. There are only two small pictures next to each other. I think it’s common issue.

  3. This is the biggest problem. You add the product to the cart, after that you get to cash (I hope I’m using the correct english word) with the address to put etc. There is my plan how I need it. You have two options for payement (bank account=bankovní převod and cash on delivery=dobírka). If you click on the second one, your shipment should raise a little bit than in the first option. Cash on delivery is more expensive. BUT there is reality. You choose shipment in calculation above and if you pinch the normal shipment, there is only one option for payment (bank account) - this is default. People can’t even see that there is another payment option! Also you can pinch extra shipment for cash on delivery and choose bank account which is not correct.

For the 3): Basically I want two payments down below and if you click cash on delivery, your shipment will be higher. Not this chaotic bullshit.

I hope it’s not so hard to understand. I’m really desperate!

Thanks for your help.

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.


To hide a line of product category and tag, you can add this simple CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .product .product_meta {
      display: none;


I tried several times visiting your product page as you shared, the image gallery always appears like this.


I feel we have inconsistent situation here. Probably you should try with other PC/network to check if there’s connection speed issue or something?


Sorry, I couldn’t clearly get the issue as it looks different compared to what have been described.

For general question about WooCommerce payment system, you should consult to the plugin’s author. Because Sydney theme doesn’t change/add any system of WooCommerce. I believe there’s nothing to do with Sydney. To proof it yourself, you can try temporarily switching to one of default WordPress themes like Twenty Seventeen.

If you feel it’s a CSS issue, please reconfigure your payment options, so I can try it directly.


Hi Kharis,
thanks for the reply.

The CSS code works fine. Nice!

  1. You might be right about contacting plugin’s author. However I’ll try to explain it better with screens.
    The picture you sent - there is only payment by bank account.
    The correct version is this

Bank account and cash on delivery (“Na dobírku”). Cash on delivery appears only with shipment (“Doprava”) that costs 120 Kč. When you click on the first shipment option, you’ll get the screen as you posted.

How can new customers even know, that there is different types of payment as they see only bank account? They might wouldn’t notice, that there is a button for shipment.

So my question - Is there any way to change it? The perfect situation would be as you pick payment by bank account, the shipment will be 90 Kč and if you pick payment cash on delivery, the shipment will be 120 Kč automatically. Is it possible? Or at least I want payment cash on delivery to be seen by default.

Not having the picks next to the shipment and just have options next to the payments (the shipment will automatically change if you click the first or the second payment)

Is it understandable?