Woocommerce page settings



we are using greatmag pro and we have just installed woocommerce plugin … i have 2 questions please

  1. how do we link the store to a menu item on the home page ?
  2. how do I remove the blog sidebar on the shop pages ? i cannot seem to see the setting in customize appearances




  1. Can you please provide a link to your website?

  2. Can you please create a new topic for your second issue to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you?

Kind Regards, Roman.


hey roman

i have resolved the first issue, only need help with second question about sidebar

website is www.ministryofsex.com.au

if you look at each of the products on the store … they have the blog entries as right sidebar and i cannot seem to remove them




You can try to use WooSidebars or Widget Logic plugin in order to display (or not) different widgets on different pages.

Here is the WooSidebars plugin documentation:

Kind Regards, Roman.