Woocommerce One page check-out > Icon doesn't appear in the visual text editor

Good morning,

I just bought this plugin https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-one-page-checkout/ and installed it.

> When I’m editing a text on a page or a post, I’m supposed to see a little cart icon appearing close to the switch to open the toolbox but it doesn’t (See screenshot link here). I really need this so as to use the plugin.

Woocommerce Support already checked the setup and said it was correct, so the problem was probably coming from the theme ?

In advance thank you for the support, I’m happy to share the below logins below with you if you want to access the admin :

Hello Jean,

Can you please try if it works with a default theme, for example Twenty Seventeen?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

I tried and found out that the extension causing the problem is “Siteorigin Widgets Bundle”. In both themes (27 and Sydney Pro), when Siteorigin Widgets Bundle is activated, then my Woocommerce plugin doesn’t work.

Could you help please ?



Hello Jean,

Well, since it looks like a plugins conflict, I think that you should first contact SiteOrigin support and WooCommerce support, and see what they say.

Kind Regards, Roman.