Woocommerce now non existant

Wordpress rolled the update out on 4.9 and all seemed to go well except now woocommerce shop and category pages disappeared. Google searching leads me to believe its a theme compatability issue. Actual product pages still work fine but the shop and any category page is blank. Any ideas how to fix?



Everything seems to be fine on my end. If you change to the default Twentyseventeen theme for a bit, is the issue resolved?

We did some more digging and it seems the issue is between Woocommerce and Live Composer.
I suggest you rollback to the previous version of Live Composer. You can use this plugin or do it manually.

I actually was just getting ready to post that I found the connection to Live Composer as the issue. I will roll back for now! Interestingly enough it required me to roll back to 1.3.7 and not 1.3.8 (and Live Composer change log doesn’t even show a 1.3.8 version, just skips to so if anyone else is having this issue just roll back to 1.3.7 for now and it’ll work again.

Thanks gemiller. I solved that rolling back to 1.3.7
Hope it gets solved soon.

1.3.11 fixed a ton of issues with woocommerce for me