WooCommerce Issues

  1. MaxMind GeoIP database: The MaxMind GeoIP Database does not exist - Geolocation will not function. You can download and install it manually from http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/geolite/ to the path: /home4/atthewmo/public_html/carmaven/wp-content/uploads/GeoIP.dat. Scroll down to “Downloads” and download the “Binary / gzip” file next to “GeoLite Country”. Please remember to uncompress GeoIP.dat.gz and upload the GeoIP.dat file only.
  • How do I get this to work?
  1. Child theme: – If you’re modifying WooCommerce on a parent theme you didn’t build personally, then we recommend using a child theme. See: How to create a child theme
    WooCommerce support: Not declared
  • Tried to make a child theme but got confused at this part:
    “Now the tricky part – moving your modified styles to the child theme. The best way to do this is to download your modified ‘style.css’ file from the parent and run a DIFF against the original parent ‘style.css’ file and move any selector blocks over to a separate file. You can use Notepad++, TextWrangler or any advanced text editor to find differences between two files.
    If you do not have an advanced text editor, open the modified stylesheet and manually copy/paste any selector blocks you have changed to a separate text file.”
  • ANY help would be appreciated!
  1. How can I add another box next to the product description and reviews of my product?


Hello @matthewmorea,

Please create a separate topic for each of your questions in order to make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.