WooCommerce does not show the FULL WIDTH

I’ve installed ASTRID PRO and WOOCOMMERCE and switched the ‘shop’ site to FULL WIDTH.
But it is not reacting to that - instead it show the SIDE BAR (on the left side) - see: www.wielandheiser.de/events/shop/

Also, when I delete all the widgets in the sidebar it does not has any effect.
How can I get the FULL WIDTH on the WooCommerce Shop site?

Thanks for your help.


The Shop page is not a regular page therefore it won’t work with the template (even though it shows up there). However, if you install a custom CSS plugin you can add this:

.woocommerce .content-area {
    width: 100%;
.woocommerce .widget-area {
    display: none;

Let me know how it goes.

I installed the plugin “Simple Custom CSS”, but how/where do I need to copy/paste your code?
Sorry to ask, bit I’m not very familiar with CSS.


Go to Appearance > Custom CSS please and there you’ll see an area where you can paste the code. Click on Update after you pasted it and that’s it.

Great, that works!

thx Vlad :slight_smile:

I’m using Sydney Pro and my woocommerce product page doesn’t show on full screen with the css code you provided (I putted it in the style.css in the editor).

How can I fix this??

Here is the page:


I’ve checked your page and it is full width. It’s actually full width by default.
Perhaps you want to stretch it from one edge of the screen to the other? But that would make it look ugly.

Hey, it’s only full width in internet explorer, not chrome. How do I make it full width in other browsers too?

Try refreshing your page or clearing your cache. I’m looking at it in Chrome and it’s full width.