Woocommerce customization in Talon Pro

Hello Team,

I would like to first say, that I am impressed and satisfied with the performance of Talon Pro. So, Thank you!

I use Woocommerce for my store and so far, the functionality is smooth. However, I am a wee bit disappointed by the lack of customization options for Woocommerce in Talon Pro. Perhaps I am missing something.

Has anyone been able to configure and customize the ‘look’ and ‘layout’ of woocommerce? is there a way that I can through a third party plugin?

I’d appreciate any help!



A set of options for Woocommerce is on our to-do list. Right now you can only have the default design.
If there are any options you’d like to see added, feel free to list them.

Meanwhile, we can probably help you with some custom CSS to handle some of your tasks.

Thanks for the reply Vlad,

My immediate need is to have a cart icon shown in the menu; and customization of cart and checkout pages - possibly through pagebuilder?




There is this plugin for the cart in the menu: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-menu-bar-cart/

You can control them through the page builder. By that I mean you can add extra sections: for example you can have a widget with a call to action or something, then you can have a widget your WC shortcode.