Woocommerce Custom tabs not working


I’m not entirely sure if the custom tabs in woocommerce support is a pro version, however I’ve been told that at the initial startup page the feature worked.

My site is zipatohome.sk and a sample product is http://zipatohome.sk/produkty-z-wave-zipato/z-wave-zipato-kamery-prislusenstvo-accessories/z-wave-zipato-rfid-klucenka-biela/#tab-technicke-specifikacie-2

Upon launch the 1st tab is obviously automatically loaded, however the other tabs are not working.

Is this an issue or is it blocked and only available in the pro version.

Soonest reply appreciated.

i have the same problem.

in the preview —> panel to customize sidney theme --> the tabs are ok.

Sorry, im not sure what you mean by they are working. it used to work, however not working currently. It has a strange behavious. I also tried to disable all extensions.

Upon changing the theme to another, the tabs are fine.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

I’ve just check your site and looks like this issue are not related with the theme.
The tab are not working because there are no javascript called when the tab clicked.

Have you contact woocommerce support?

Hi. Many thanks for the feedback.

No I have not yet contacted them as upon changing the theme to another, the tabs are working so I thought I should first contact the people behind Sydney theme.

i will get in touch with them.


Hi Awan,

Now I finally have a response from Woocommerce support. Here is their reply:
“Thanks for testing this out, have you told the Theme developer that it works when you use a different theme? If you did, and their response was still to contact us, I might suggest you change to a different theme from a developer that will support their product. Since this issue is clearly theme related, there’s not really anything we can do.
I’m sorry I can’t give you a better answer, but there is no way we can troubleshoot and patch someone else’s product.”

This issue is now urgent so your ASAP feedback is much appreciated.


The issue is actually because of our smooth scrolling code (the one that make the browser scrool smoothly when you click on an anchor) which doesn’t really work with the WC tab. The solution is simple, but you’ll need to apply it yourself until the next update. Use FTP or your cpanel, find the main.min.js file, replace the contents in it with this.

Hi Vlad,

Brilliant, it works now. many thanks for finding the solution.