Woocommerce Cart and My Account Icon menu like in the Demo


Im setting up WooCommerce site for my work and using Sydney Pro and Woocommerce. I’m looking for a way to set up the Cart and My Account menu icons like shown at the Sydney Pro demo site.

Previously I search and read the forum and found one post referring the WooCommerce Menu Bar Cart at https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-menu-bar-cart/ but that is not exactly the same one being used. I wanted to show the cart with the number of items inside, without the price total, and also icon for the My Account.

Was the demo menu icons done with Plugin? A simple customization in Appearance that I missed?


Please go to Customize > Sydney Pro: Woocommerce > General.
Latest theme version is required.

Thank you. I will take a look when I can.

According to the web site

The latest version is 1.49 and released in Jan 6 2017. But my Themes > Themes Detail shows my version is 1.50. Is that correct? I don’t see WooCommerce > General options though.

Separate issue I just noticed is that the Theme License activation is not working for me. I’m sure it worked before when I first purchased in Feb but now it just pops “License status is unknown.” under my License Key field. Any attempts to activate shows the error message “an error occurred. please try again”. The URL takes the form “https://<mydomain>/wp-admin/themes.php?page=sydney-pro-ii-license&sl_theme_activation=false”

I’m sure my domain is under the manage domain entry already. I’ve removed a previous test site I worked with previously and only have one entry now. I tried looking at my Apache error logs to see what can be the issue but I have no idea why this fails


The info on the theme page wasn’t updated. Latest version is 1.51, released on Feb 22. We keep a changelog here: https://athemes.com/changelog/sydney-pro

I’m looking at your licenses and I think you’ve tried to use your Developer license? You need to use the one that’s specifically for Sydney Pro, in your case it begins with 08b.
Let me know how it goes please.

The Shopping Cart and My Account menu item is resolved. The new version is indeed version 1.51. I downloaded and installed the new version of the theme and the icons are there now.