WooCommerce and Sydney Pro


I’ve been developing a website using the Sydney Free Theme currently on localhost using Xampp. Its great and you guys have done a great job. I want to now use my website for e-commerce using woocommerce.

I appreciate to use the Sydney theme with woocommerce I will need to upgrade to Sydney-Pro, however all it says is “that Sydney Pro provides integration for the popular WooCommerce plugin” and the demo gives a basic view.

Can you elaborate what the pro version actually offers as far as woocommerce goes? Also if there are any other paid themes you offer that can be (fairly easily) be used after using Sydney free theme?

thanks loads for any help.


What it basically does is add styling to match the theme and it also hooks into a few actions that WC provides, like columns, wrappers etc.
It’s not extremely complex nor does it do something extraordinary in terms of WooCommerce as it is not a shop theme per se. It can be used as a shop theme but there are probably better alternatives out there that do this specifically :slight_smile:

Regarding your other questions, Perth Pro follows the same logic as Sydney, though the theme-bundled widgets will need to be re-added. Content will be kept for stuff like services, employees etc.

Thanks loads for that Vlad, I decided to go ahead with Sydney Pro.


I purchased the Sydney Pro II because it says that it is compatible with Woocommerce. Now that I’ve purchased it, I am now having problems installing the plugin. Please see error message below:

Downloading install package from https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/woocommerce.2.5.5.zip…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /home/trafficking16/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/

Plugin install failed.

How do I fix this problem?

Thank you in advance.

Hi John,

That error doesn’t have much to do with the theme.
It would appear that you already have the Woocommerce folder installed (probably not complete if you can’t activate the plugin). What you need to do is use FTP to delete the woocommerce folder from wp-content/plugins and then try to install the plugin again. If you don’t know how to do that, your host can probably do it for you.

Hello… we use Sidney Pro… and i will like to know

  1. it is possible through Sidney Pro to edit the email templates of woocommerce

I ask because when i go to "Sstem2 on Woocmmerce i see this at the bottom

templates - override




In theory you can but it requires you to be able to code those templates to achieve the design and layout you want. I see there are (paid) plugins that do this, like this one: https://codecanyon.net/item/email-customizer-for-woocommerce/8654473
Note that I haven’t used it.

ok. yesterday i install the sidney por in a second webseite, where i already have installed Woocmmerce… and when i go to “configuration > e-mail” and click in a certain template to edit the subject of tat email, i see an option to “override that template” thourgh the Sidney template “sydney-pro-ii/woocommerce/emails/customer-on-hold-order.php.” … for example… and i ca edit it…

that is what i need but for the first website i mentioned… but i don´t see that option in the first site where i installed sidney pro… what shouk i marked to make it possible?


Not really sure what to say, I just checked and I see the option. It’s possible that maybe it’s blocked by the server.
Please switch to a different theme on the first site and see if the options shows up to see if it’s theme related or not.

The only difference between the sites is… i already got some orders through the first site (where i don´t see the option to override the e-mail templates)… on the second and third site i mentioned, where i can see the option, i did not receive any orders, we will use them in the near future… could be there tha problem, how can i solved it?

i need very early… thanks!

Have you tried my suggestion to switch to a different theme and see if the option appears?

forgot to mecioned… yes i tried and it did not Work… i deactivate all the plugins try to activate Themone by one… try different themes… nothing works… andon the other sites worked perfectly… only difference between them is what i mentioned before

I see. Are you using the same host and hosting package for all your sites? I think you’re probably going to need to talk to WC support, they’re the ones that can support their product.

Yes all the sites are in the same “shared” server of 1and1… i think, it is a problem with Sidney Pro in this very one case… what could block the sidney pro option, in this situation? i have even the same pkugin installed in all te sites… the only difference is, that i already “sell” something" in the site i am having the problems.s maybe erasing the whole woocommerce and installing it again?.. sidney pro?

I think i found the problem, but of course not the solution. i do not see the option “Appearance > editor” in the website hwre a i have the problem (diechilisinfonie.com)… i see it in the other sites… i tried deactivating all the plugins, and so on… could you give me a hint why that is? i did not do anything different… i migrate that site from another domain (scharfista.de) but in the same service “1and1.com”… i do not know… i will lookfor it

The problem cannot be with Sydney Pro since you tried other themes and the issue was still present.

The Appearance tab can only be disabled by code. So if it’s not a plugin, it could be your host.

Since there’s no clear reason for this issue, I suggest you override it manually:

  • get a Sydney Pro child theme here (if you don’t have one already): https://athemes.com/documentation/sydney-pro/
  • Inside it, make a structure like the one you’ve mentioned: /woocommerce/emails/customer-on-hold-order.php. (same for other email templates if you want to override more).
  • Edit that .php file as needed or copy it from your other sites.

Thanks… The host? humm, but then the othe sites will be affected… plugin… i deactivate all the plugins and it does not get active… any other idea, why i can not see the “Edit” option?

Thanks anyway.

Not sure what else I can tell you since this is not a theme issue.
That’s why I suggested you either talk to WC support or take the manual route which I’ve described above.

I have problems with the mail function in WC, when i am using Sydney, I cannot get the program to send out any mails regarding, order or any other of the pre set mails… Can anyone help??

Thanks :slight_smile: