WooCommerce 2.5 Recent update?

I have just updated - to WooCommerce 2.5
and system status mentions:

sydney-pro-ii/woocommerce/single-product\add-to-cart\variable.php version 2.4.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.5.0

My “shop” with Sydney Pro seems ok
Do I need to update them or just leave alone?

WooCommerce link https://docs.woothemes.com/document/fix-outdated-templates-woocommerce/ suggests to copy

WebSite URL - available but do not wish to include here
Charlie @ athemes.com ?


Leave them alone for now. We will be updating tomorrow morning.

“We will be updating tomorrow morning” ?

many thanks for the recent Sydney Pro update today…

WooCommerce 2.5 still advises the same with the template files

I have the same problem. What is the status on the fix coming from athemes?

From the posts above, the problem has been untouched since January 21, and remains unfixed.

Should we users just follow the WooCommerce instructions and update the template?