Width of complete website and header has changed

Hi there!

My site is http://www.noampsallowed.nl/.
The thing is, something happened that seems to have decreased the width of the entire site. If I’m not mistaken, the white areas on all the pages was as wide as the header which contains the site title, site description and menu. Now it’s not. The site title and description both fitted nicely on one line and were more to the left. The menu was more to the right. The title has font size 40, but I would have to decrease it to 30 for it to fit one a single line again. Also the social media buttons on the right fitted into the white area of the side bar. Now one of the buttons is sticking out.

So, I have no idea what happened here or how to fix it.
Could you please help me widening it all up enough so everything will fit nicely again?

Thanks a lot in advance and should you need more information, please just let me know.

Kind regards,