Widgets: title, font & icons


Hi, few quick questions:
(1) Can font size of widget titles be changed? The home page widget title in customizer does not seem to do anything, even on the home page…

(2) My service widget title only shows when the page is set to a default template, not services template. Any reasons?

(3) When I paste a fontawesome icon code into the services widget I end up with a solid round dot and the code turns into a square after updating the site. How do I fix it? Same happened when I tried to use other service icon plug-ins.

Thank you in advance for your help!



  1. There is a small issue in the free version. Please go to style.css, find this 56px !important; and replace with 56px;
  2. The services page template doesn’t use widgets, so there is no widget title to show. It simply has a query that shows all of the services.
  3. Could you post a link to your website, I’m not sure what you mean?


Thanks, all fixed!


P.S. The problem with icons was probably due to me copying code only - once I copied the whole fa-… it was all fine.