Widgets Sydney FP and Polylang


Is on a test server works Wiget “Sydney FP: Services Type A”?


Sorry for the post under the post.

Would it be possible to send an administrator account?



Reinstall polylang fix the problem.




I have a problem again with widget Service A and B on the main page. After the update for wordpress stopped working title translation service. Adding a title in one language displays in a second language. I do not have translation capabilities.

The problem returned after the last update for wordpress



Reinstall polylang and import databases from backup helps but only to the point where nothing changes on the main page. Any change any of the content on the home page (title, etc.), or widgets will copy these data to another language.



Hello everyone.
Having a small doubt / issue regarding Polylang Plugin in Sydney’s Front Page.
I have set a static page as a Front Page and used Page Builder to set the front page according to my need.
I have successfully used the Polylang feature in Primary Menu for 2 different Language. (I have linked language switcher in primary menu. So when I click on Language_2 then Primary Menu’s tab names gets translated successfully to Language_2.)

Now the problem is :
Using Page Builder one of my row contains Sydney FP : Service Type A Widget.
Now suppose I am currently viewing website in Language_1 and title of the Services Widget is ‘Title_1_Lang_1’ and suppose I click on Service ‘S1’ it redirects to the linked page of Language_1 say, ‘Page_S1_Lang_1’.
But when I switch to Language_2 problem starts. The title of this widget remains ‘Title_1_Lang_1’ and after clicking Service ‘S1’ it redirects to same page ‘Page_S1_Lang_1’ of Language_1 only.

What I require is that since the Menu’s tab names get translated correctly after switching language, in similar way when I switch to Language_2 the title should be translated to ‘Title_1_Lang_2’, and most importantly after clicking to Service ‘S1’, it should redirect to its corresponding page ‘Page_S1_Lang_2’ and in case of Language_1 title should be ‘Title_1_Lang_1’ and service ‘S1’ redirects to ‘Page_S1_Lang_1’.


Please reply with either solution or an alternate method for my need.


Hi, Check if you have all current themes and plugins and see what translations you have in Languages-> Strings translations. You can act like I did in the posts above.