Widgets stopped working

Hi, I have a purchased version of Moeisa Pro (https://www.zeefbedrukt.nl).

For months everything worked just fine! But suddenly, without changes my side or updating anything, two widgets just stopped working.

  1. MoeisaFP Instagram: the Instagram feed is not showing photo’s anymore.
  2. MoeisaFP Social Profile: all social buttons are gone.

Please help?

Hello there,

I checked your site. They’re all properly displaying.

Let me know if you have any other else we can help.


Hi Kharis,

Thank you for your reply.
It worked because I turned the Autoptimize plugin off.
I just turned html and css back on, this is ok.
But as soon as I turn Javascript optimization on in Autopmtimize the Instagram feed is gone.

I feel this isn’t a problem with the theme. You should first ask to the Autoptimize’s support department why that happens.