Widgets on Welcome/Front Page

I’ve installed moesia here and would like to insert three widgets beneath, such as three calls to action horizontally at the bottom of the front/welcome page (the same thing from what i understand from the documentation). Is this event possible in free, or is it possible in paid?
Also, is it possible to have the navigation on the welcome page as well? Different things catch different eyes, which is why i’m interested in this. thank you for such an amazing theme. May end up buying it even though I don’t need the additional features!

You could switch to the Front Page template for more space and add another row with 3 columns below your exsting row. And place three call to action widgets in those columns.

I don’t think I understand the second question.

Hi, perhaps i was unlcear- i would like to add row of three widgets to this welcome page-i understand adding them to the page as i scroll down, but wanted to know if there was a way to implement them up on the welcome page (not the associated “front page”, but the first page. essentially the splash)

My other question was can i add the navigation to this page (the welcome)?

understanding this a bit better- the header is what i was referring to as the welcome screen i believe. will try adding content to the header in that case and see if i can achieve the effect i’m looking for!