Widgets in multiple languages

Hi Vlad,
I installed QTranslate Plus to display the site content in different languages. I struggle now with the translation of the Moesia Widgets. For example the mission text on the home page (looptheglobe.de). When I switch to edit the page and then from page builder layout to text editor I can add changes for the different languages but as soon as I push the update button everything gets overwritten by the english text.
Thank you for your help!


I’m guessing it’s not compatible with the Page Builder plugin. I had a quick look at their support forums and I saw someone saying that it doesn’t work with custom posts made with Types either.

hmmm… thats a pity.
So how to work with Moesia Pro without the page builder? Do you have a manual how to integrate the widgets via the editor?
Thank you!

Nope, sorry. The default WP editor can’t work with widgets.

Hmmm… I remember that you told me in another thread that Moesia is fully translatable. So how can I have several languages on my side? Is there another plugin Moesia is compatible with?
Thanks a lot!

Yes, I said that it’s fully translatable. That means that you can translate every English string from the theme to another language.

I’m not sure about plugins that handle multi-language. They should basically work by default since there is no compatibility needed from the theme itself. But I just tried the qtranslate plus you mentioned and another one I found and both generated tones of PHP notices for me, so I’m guessing they’re not that cool.

I’ll have another look for a plugin that would work well when time allows it, but this really has nothing to do with the theme.

Hi Vlad,
I am kinda helpless with this issue. I have to setup this page in two more languages and of course I want to use the moesia theme as I really like it (good job done!!). I would be great if you have the time to maybe test other plugins… There must be a plugin out there which is compatible?!?

Again the idea about not using the page builder. So in case I deactivate it and just copy the code for the widgets like " Mission Text" in the editor… doesnt it work?

Thanks for your help.

I’ll have a look now.

The widgets are PHP-based. The editor won’t run them.

Seems like the Polylang plugin should work fine with the Page builder. They also have documentation here. As far as I saw, you would use different pages for different languages.

Hi Vlad,
Amazing it works! Looks like a really nice plugin with heaps of possibilities. Thanks a lot!


This is an amazing theme, thank you Vlad :slight_smile:
I also have the same issues, I’ve tried like 10 different multilingual plugins but none of them are working ( not even Polylang) Does anyone using Moesia with multilingual plugin? Which one works? Thanks