Widgets going to bottom, not sidebar

Hi, I’m having a huge problem. This wasn’t happening before, but now for some reason my posts are taking up the whole page, while the sidebar is going to the bottom of the screen instead of the right of the screen.

However, if you minimize the page it corrects itself. Need this corrected asap, thanks.


Well, undo what you did and it will be corrected.

I didn’t do anything, at least anything that would cause this to happen.

Of course you did :slight_smile: Not sure why everybody says they didn’t do anything and themes break by themselves.

You changed the code for the error page, and now it’s used everywhere. Meaning you have a width of 100% for your content-area, when it should have been 670px on desktops.

Definitely didn’t mean to do so. I’m a newbie! haha. How would I go about fixing this?

Reinstalling the theme would be the quickest fix.

Would I have to start from scratch if I do so?

Problem solved! Thanks a ton.