Widgets do not appear on static frontpage

First of all: Really great theme! I have only one issue with the appearance of widgets such as fact counter or quotes on my static front page. I put all the widgets into one row (just one column), but it won’t work. The only thing I see on the homepage are my “team widgets”.

If tried to combine several widgets, but it always figured out to be the same problem.

What can I do about that?


Hello Chris,

I am sorry to hear you’ve into trouble. Please take a screenshot of your widgets settings, so I could reproduce the issue and troubleshoot it here with my test site.


I use Moesia Pro in German, I hope that’s okay :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Try enabling Front Page template to display the page content. Employees template won’t display page content as it will only display list of employees. You can also use either Full width or default template. Choose of which as needed.