Widgets are not working


I am using your Leto theme for an ecommerce shop, and I am not able to add any footer widgets. When I look to the customizer there are no footer widgets available, only one - “Sidebar”, picture:


The text is in Slovak, here you can see the English translation: picture

Could you please help me, I can actually add these widgets using Appearance -> Widgets, but they just don’t appear in the customizer, neither on the website.



Customizer displays options that are available for the page that you are previewing on the right side.

So if the page that you see on the right side shouldn’t have footer widgets, you won’t see that option.

Kind Regards, Roman.

The problem is that the page should have these options shown and they are not available, I think I need to add them manually to the php code, could you help me with that? Thanks.


Try to temporarily deactivate all your plugins except Page Builder by SiteOrigin and WooCommerce, and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman thank you I tried this but it did not help at all :frowning:

Whoah! This doesn’t happen a lot of times but surprisingly the problem was solved after installing Leto theme update to ver.: 1.0.6
Problem solved!