Widget to extend to full width?

Hey dudes

I would like to have a widget extend to full width (in this case Google Maps, site origin). I´m building a one page site and that would be great, but can´t seem to get it done! Pliiis help me. (Using front page)



Please post a link to your website ( where you already added the google maps widget and it’s not full width, so I can check how that can be made full-width.

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Hey, i choose another solution last time but now i want to fix this.

Here is a link that you can check: wolfspirit.se/kontakt

I would like to use the Siteorigin google maps widget, but can´t seem to get it working at all. So here is a Shortcode right now.

I also want to use snazzymaps to change the apperance, this allows that but can´t seem to get it working

Here is a better link…



The map is not full-width, because it is inside the container, so it will be at the width of the container ( max 1170px by default ), you can make it full-width, only if you make the container full-width, with this Custom CSS:

.page-id-45 .container {
    max-width: 100% !important;
    padding: 0 !important;
    margin-bottom: 0 !important;

Please add the above CSS to your Child Theme’s style.css or in case you haven’t setup a Child Theme already, then you can also use this plugin to add the CSS to it: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/ so you will not loose the changes on theme updates.

Please let me know how it works.

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Hey Csaba! And thank you. It works but effects all 3 rows with containers on the page. I want to just do it to one container/row.




Yes, because all of the widgets are inside that container, which limits the width of the elements, I told you about that, the map is not full-width, because the container limits the width, so making the container full-width all the elements will be full-width, it’s not possible to make only the map full-width, if the map is in the area where you add your widgets ( inside container ).

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Hey. Ok then. I will rethink the design of this page. Thanks.



Ok, if you need more help, please let me know.

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