Widget title

how can I change the color of a particular widget title?

many thanks!


I have the same problem, “ALL” the widget titles have black background. Been working this issue for hours. It’s a real “PITA” to work around. Also makes the site look like crap.

Hi all,

Here is the css code to change the color of the widget title:

.widget-title {
    color: red;

You can put the code above using simple custom css plugin.

the problem is it changes the color of all my widget titles. I would like to change just one particular titel.

Oh I see… could you please to post the URL of your site here? I need to check it directly.

I’m talking about the ‘Contact’ section. Many thanks!

And do you have any idea how I can deactivate the black bar, which normally highlights the menu. It is just showing up by scrolling up to the top of the website.

For the contact section, please try these css code below:

#pg-2357-3 .widget-title {
    color: white;

And to remove the black color on top bar when page is scrolled up, you can use these css code:

.site-header.float-header {
    background-color: transparent;

Yeah nice! Thank you very much! It’s working perfectly!

Where can I find the target ID you’ve used in the css code?

You can get the target ID by using chrome dev tools.
Right click of the widget tile > inspect http://prntscr.com/9stan0