Widget title should not be displayed!

Please look here:


I wish to display the artists featured in teh site, which happen to be the tags of each post. I choose a widget (say, TagCloud) to be displayed in this page. And I get the word “TAGS” displayed as well.

This is not good. I dont “TAGS” to be shown. I already have my own title.

How can this be removed?

Thansk very much!!!


That was a default settings from the theme, to modify those from the common setting, you have to apply the page id to the css code. Try this:

.page-id-13 header.entry-header {
    display: none;

Not good. The title of the page (i.e. “ARTISTS”) disappeared instead of the big “TAGS” title.

Pls have a look here:

I want the wor TAGS to disappear.
Also that yellow line.
And the thick black line after that.

Thanks so much!!!

OK, now I got rid of the black line (footer) using your previous code.

Now is only the word “TAGS” and the yellow line left.



Oh sorry, the code above is to remove “ARTIST” word. Can you show me where is the “TAGS” word? I can’t see it in your page.

If its in this screenshot, can you point me which number of the red box should be removed http://prntscr.com/9bbgze?

You can see it now.

Okay, here is your code:

.page-id-13 h3.widget-title {
    display: none;

Good thanks!