Widget styling menu repeatedly expanding and collapsing uncontrollably

I don’t even know how to really explain this and I’ve never come across this before ever in Wordpress… Everything else with the theme seems to be working fine, but when I click on the STYLING “click to expand” link in the Widget platform, it expands and then closes the styling section repeatedly, super fast, over and over again. It is too fast to even click on anything in the expanded area and nothing resolves the issue until I reload the page. I am having the same issue in multiple browsers. Is this is a known bug? Obviously, it’s impossible to style any widgets without being able to access that area!

Currently my site is at http://tim.northandmorello.com although I’m not sure if that will help you much as my issue is in the admin area! Thanks in advance for any insight you might have!

I’ve noticed this myself (have no fix for it atm, other than removing the panel sliding feature). Though it only happened for me if I click on Styling before everything loads.

Give it 1-2 seconds when you enter the Widget menu so everything in the backend has enough time to load, then click it.

I have the same issue.

I use Astrid Version: 1.04
Till now i didnt want to update because it will change my selfwritten code within…

Have you any fix till now?


The sliding styling panel was never supposed to be available under Appearance > Widgets which is where the issue was happening. It has been removed since then.
I suggest you use a child theme for customizations, right now Astrid is at 1.14

I have a similar problem with the WP theme Astrid. When I edit my frontpage in live customizer, the wigdet style does not expand when I press ´click to expand`.

The weird part is, that I have another wordpress-page using the same theme and here it works fine?

What do I do wrong?