Widget Services

Hi there,
I know this is my 3rd topic, however I am facing still few questions with the Astrid Pro theme…
I would like to define myself when the Text description of each service will end. Further I dont want to have it linked to a separate site. Is that possible or is a custom text widget with 1/2 or 1/3 columns more appropriate?
Thanks for your feedback!! I appreciate it.

Hello there,

I am sorry, I didn’t get you. Would you mind re-elaborating it?

If possible, please share a link to your site.


Hi Kharis,

thats the way it looks with the widget:

And thats the way I want it to look without doing it manually by text widgets:

Further, I want to decide myself to open more text with a separate page or to show everything in the column.

Any idea about my issue?

Hello there,

Really sorry for the long delay. If I got it correctly, you’d need to edit a file in the Astrid Pro plugin folder. Edit this file: includes/widgets/services-widget.php with your code editor program. Find this line:

<?php echo wp_trim_words( get_the_content(), 12 ); ?>

and replace it with:

<?php echo get_the_content(); ?>

Upload the changes with FTP or cPanel’s fine manager. Run your test. Does it accomplish your objective?